Sanibel Island Seashells

Sanibel Island, Florida Causeway Bridge

The most beautiful part of Sanibel Island Florida is its coastline. While there are a few sections of the mainland that is not so beautiful, the majority of the area is lush green grassland with plenty of trees and bushes along the shores and in the bays.

It’s also home to a variety of sea birds that find this location to be their home. You can easily spend a day or two sightseeing the various species and take in the beauty of this Florida Keys paradise.

If you love the water, then you’ll love Sanibel Island, Florida. This destination is one of the top places for finding sea shells on any trip to the Keys.

Because it is the only barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico, there are an abundance of sea life and coral in the area. A great place to find sea shells is at Quail Island, which is on Sanibel Island’s western end.

Here, tourists will see the world-famous Royal Tuna, a large and vibrant blue fish that is native to the waters around Sanibel. Many people believe that the Royal Tuna was actually discovered on Sanibel Island long before the United States took possession of the territory.

Along with finding sea shells, tourists will enjoy trips to its beaches. These beaches offer some of the best views in the Keys and offer an assortment of activities for every level of the traveler.

Sanibel’s White Sand Beach

Sanibel’s White Sand Beach is perfect for those who want a relaxing day on the sand and many boaters stop by the area to beat the heat. Also, if you aren’t quite ready to get in the water, the waters off Sanibel are home to some excellent public swimming beaches.

In addition to the beaches, there is the great Sanibel Island National Seashore. This is a great place to take a nature walk and learn more about the environment.

While you’re here, don’t forget to visit the U.S. National Space Science Center, where you can spend some time seeing amazing pieces of space history.

Big Lagoon State Park

But perhaps the most famous attraction on Sanibel is the Big Lagoon State Park. Here, visitors can boogie on the wide open waters or just relax and soak up the sun while strolling on the beach. The park itself also boasts a giant lagoon that provides a great place for a picnic or to just sit and relax.

Final Words

Sanibel Island also offers plenty of lodging options, from quaint bed and breakfasts to luxurious resorts. There’s something on Sanibel for everyone’s tastes.

To really make sure that you get all that you want, make sure to visit during the peak season. That way, you’ll find everything you want and more. And you’ll be able to enjoy Sanibel Island’s wonderful weather from April to October.

So come on, hook yourself up with Sanibel Island and find out what it has to offer!