Great Sand Dunes National Park

A young woman posing on the ridge of a red sand dune with a blue sky background.

The Great Sand Dunes of Southern Colorado offer world-class outdoor recreation opportunities, from snow-packed mountain hiking to powdery blue, white, and reddish-brown hues of the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

The Great Sand Dunes National Park is a unique and popular spot for families. You can find things to do at the Park that is great for children as young as five years old and adults of all ages.

Visit the Great Sand Dunes National Park near Alamosa and explore the United States’ most massive dunes. Take your family sledding on the world’s tallest dune, the High Dune Trail, a two-mile, round trip hike up 695 feet of dunes to the summit.

Or, take your family hiking and discover the diverse wildlife and scenic beauty found in the Park. Look for wild horses, foxes, deer, bighorn sheep, and elk along the trail or hike the nearby trails and camp in the Park’s campgrounds.

You can also explore the many historical areas that chronicle the history of mining, farming, railroads, and the American West. The Park also has several interpretive exhibits, historical buildings, and historical information.

Horseback Riding

If you prefer a little more adventure than hiking and riding, the Great Sand Dunes offers horseback riding tours. Take your family horseback riding on one of the many trails of the Park. Enjoy a picnic lunch on a deck overlooking the area or a picnic beneath a large tree’s beautiful shade. Or have lunch at a local restaurant in one of the picnic areas.

Mountain Biking

If you prefer something a bit more strenuous, various mountain biking is available at the National Park. Choose a trail for your family that offers challenging terrain for an experienced rider or choose a mountain biking trail designed especially for beginners. Whether you are new to mountain biking or a pro, there is a trail available to suit your skill level. Whether you choose a challenging trail or a beginner’s trail, you will want to get out and get your bike in the sun for a few hours as you try out your new skills on the open road.

Where to Stay

For an overnight stay, the Park offers rooms available in a variety of different packages. You can stay in a room with private bathrooms, or you can choose a room that includes a private bathroom, as well as a breakfast and nightly dinner. You can also choose to stay at a campground in the nearby city of Manitou Springs, Colorado, which offers a more laid back atmosphere and is close to all the other attractions in the area.