Visit These Awesome Pirate Museums

If you want to learn about pirates and how they lived their lives in the past, you should visit these fantastic pirate museums.

Visiting these museums is one way to get an inside look at pirates in their very own environment. You can see everything from their weapons to their clothing, to even pirate ship replicates.

St. Augustine, FL

My friend Paul loves pirates so much that he named his junk removal company The Junk Pirates ( The St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum is his absolute favorite pirate museum where he often visits on his family vacations. He especially loves this museum for its extensive collection of authentic artifacts from the time of pirates, including swords, pistols, coins, weapons, blankets, clothing, jewelry, and more.

The museum also features a Pirate History exhibit that shows how pirates made their way from England to the West Indies and all the stops. Visitors can participate in hands-on activities that relate to this unique history, like learning about the “discovery of America” through shipwrecks. Some artifacts can be viewed through the use of audio and video. If you enjoy history and pirate stories, this is a great place to get an education in their rich histories!

Salem, MA

The New England Pirate and Treasure Museum are located in the historic town of Salem. This museum was created by the National Maritime Museum in collaboration with the Essex Historical Society.

This museum is a perfect place for those who enjoy pirates’ history and have an interest in the past. The exhibits cover various artifacts from the past, from weapons used by pirates to popular pirate movies and books.

Lafayette, LA

Our last pirate museum stop is in historical Layette, LA. Here you will find several artifacts, many of which are authentic. There are displays depicting pirates’ history in New Orleans, including artifacts from the old French settlement of Vincennes and other popular pirate spots in the area. You view authentic pirate memorabilia, including items from the famed pirate Captain Kidd.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of where you choose to visit, remember that these museums can be an excellent American history resource. These museums are fun and educational, as well as a great way to spend your time!

Many people enjoy these museums. You will find that the experience lasts a lifetime! Visit these museums and learn about pirates’ history and the American experience in the authentic life of a pirate.