Where to Find the Best Wine in the World

Vineyard in Lake Geneva in October.

The Lavaux region of Switzerland is home to some of the most exquisite white and rose wines globally.

There are just two great reasons why Americans rarely find Switzerland wines in local wine stores or restaurant menus.

Small Batches Made

The sloped vineyards create excellent, light, fresh white wines – but only in smaller, artisanal batches.

The only place where you will find extensive, well-developed production facilities for the big brands is in the well-known Burgundy region of central France. This is because the quality of grapes used in the production of these larger, more established brands is usually superior to those grown in the Lavaux region.

Perfect Grape Growing Weather

Grapes grown in the Lavaux area make them superior to grapes grown anywhere else. Although this may be true for a handful of grapes, most other region wines are not of the same high quality. Some of the red wines produced in the Lavaux area are very good, but a minimal number of them are truly exceptional.

Many people also say that how the wines are made in the Lavaux region makes them unique. This might be true, but there are other differences as well. For example, the climate in this region is much warmer than anywhere else in Switzerland. This means that the grapes grown here grow much faster than grapes growing elsewhere in the country, and thus produce more grapes at the same time. This quality is apparent in the wines produced, too.

If You Visit

Whatever your reason for visiting the Lavaux area, the region is a delight for people looking for an excellent experience. In addition to being a great place to visit, the wines produced here have a real quality, which is not found in most wines produced elsewhere.